Scissors Care

Every Scissor made for a specific purpose, misused will lost its specific cutting ability. On the other hand the scissors which are being properly take care will last long. Being an experienced manufacturer of Scissors of all types, we suggest some scissors care tips that will prolong the life of sharp edges and the overall life of your favorite scissors. Regular maintenance and below tips will enhance cutting experience and performance of your precious tools.

  • Clean you’re Instruments on regular basis for longer lasting results. Wipe your instrument or blades with soft dry cloth after every use.
  • Avoid dropping of Shears/ Scissors; this will damage its screw or blade tension.
  • Keep secure your scissor in fabric or leather pouch, holster or tool wallet instead of storing into boxes.
  • Oil your scissors once a week/ month depends upon the use.
  • If blade getting dull due to extensive use, it is advice to seek expert service for blade regrinding or re-sharpening.
  • Keep you instruments or scissors away from highly moisturizer environment.
  • Check scissor blade tension periodically this will increase its cutting performance.
  • Last but not the least; make sure stick to one kind of scissor use. Not switch between material this will ruin cutting ability of blades.